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Surprised to see your competitor’s website rank first on the search engine? You follow the same steps and yet fail to find yourself on the SERP. Here are the SEO trends that will rule in 2018, which helps you to stand out from others.

  • Mobile First
  • Voice Search
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Video & Image Search
  • Snippets & Quick Answers

Mobile First

Over 55% of web traffic comes from Mobile Users. Hence it is very important to design a website which is mobile friendly including the factors like loading time and relevancy. It is obvious that the user gets irritated when the website loads very slow or when it doesn’t provide the relevant content. Make sure that you create fast and responsive mobile pages.

Voice Search

Searching for something through voice is far easier compared to any other technology. People started using Smart speakers which get activated by voice and provide spoken search results. Statistics say that the best selling product in the year 2017 was Amazon Echo which will further increase in 2018.Optimizing the long tail keywords for voice search is a big turning point which is the very interesting trend to look for.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AI has revolutionized from day to day which is the latest SEO Trend. This creates a large impact on digital marketing in 2018. It helps to better understand customer experience which results in great ROI. Analyze the data based on customer search & interests for each and every user which makes it easy for targeting. Another example is Chatbots which are programmed to interact with users by text communication system which may soon get replaced by voice & touch of the customer. This would be really interesting to see how digital marketing would be in 2018. Isn’t  it?

Video & Image Search

YouTube is the second largest search engine with 1 billion active users every month, as people are more interested in visual things rather than reading a long text. Videos and images are easily understandable and quite interesting due to which video & image search has become popular and there will be a vast improvement in future as well. Don’t you think?

Snippets & Quick Answers

Adding rich snippets will increase the Click through Rate (CTR) as it provides the additional information to users which they are looking for. In addition to this, there are Quick answers which are like FAQ’S. There is no need to visit a website to search for answers. According to brightedge, quick answers appear up to 40% of the time for search queries.

These are some of the important latest SEO trends to be followed in 2018, which helps you for good ranking. Google comes up with many algorithms every year and of course, SEO needs a lot of hard work and patience which will definitely bring a positive impact to your website.